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Golden Sun - The lost Age of Mankind
Hallo meine Lieben, seit langer Zeit bin ich wieder über Dark Dawn gestolpert und mir wieder einmal massiv über den Cliffhanger und die ungelösten Mysterien von Weyard den Kopf zerbrochen. Ich habe eine Geschichte auf Englisch verfasst, wie es im vierten Teil weitergehen könnte, da ich ehrlich gesagt nicht glaube, dass wir einen vierten Teil zu Gesicht bekommen werden. Ich lade einfach mal hier hoch was ich dort hochgeladen habe, vielleicht mag es ja jemand Smile

IMPORTANT: If you don't want to get spoilered because you haven't played Dark Dawn yet, STOP reading, because this Story will be all about the happenings of Dark Dawn and stuff.

Prologue - The Darkness looming above us

Her eyes were empty, as if she was no longer with us but somewhere very else. She was hovering above the ground, arms hanging in the air, making her look like a scarecrow. I've never seen her doing that before. She's had visions, though. But not like that.
My mother looked scared. Fathers expression, I couldn't interpret. He has always been the one of them who seemed so very calm, standing to mother's side all the time, aiding her to deal with the fate that was inevitable.
We had been special from the very beginning. When the events of the Golden Sun started and the world began to change, it became clear that we were so very different. I hadn't been born when it all began, same for Himi. But the time we were born, rumors above people started, that we were special. Truth came to these words when Himi had her first vision at the age of eight. It happened several times since then and mother grew more anxious with every new one. She had always been so afraid that the fate would take us away from her, but father said to her that it had to be like this and that everything would be fine. That didn't satisfied her very much though.


She sounded very little like herself anymore. Her voice was so different and somehow she seemed so mature, even if she really was that young. Mother was terryfied since Himi had started to speak. I could understand that it wasn't easy for her to see her little daughter like this. For me, it wasn't a breeze either.
I knew that this day had to be coming. I sensed it already when I woke up. Sometimes I had these strange feelings about things that were going to happen soon, I couldn't explain it, but my father had told me that Uzume had them as well.

„The day your fate will come to accomplishment has arrived! Weyard is in great peril, and so is the Valian warror, Isaac! Darkness is looming above all of us! Takeru! It is your fortune to follow your path! It will lead you all the way! Now go, and prevent our beloved world from the great shadow of Luna!“

When it was over, she sank to the ground, unconcious. Mother's servants stepped to her side, trying to wake her, but she was obviously sleeping and exhausted. This was ordinary, but all the time they were afraid that there would be a day she wouldn't wake from it anymore.
Looking at my mother, I realized she was trembling. Father stood by her side and touched her shoulder gently, but she couldn't calm down herself. Soon, she would loose her son to the world.
I didn't know why I wasn't afraid. They had always told me that I had the nature of Uzume: brave and fearless, ready to fulfill my destiny at any cost. I was raised to believe that we all have our fate that has to be accomplished and that we only exist to do what we are meant to. And now my mission was going to start. Never would I back off from it.

I had to be strong, just like my father. Somebody had to be.

„Takeru.“ It was my father spaking. „I know this is not easy for you.“
„It's okay, Dad“, I told him.
„No. I wish it could all be different.“
„But it isn't“, I insisted. „I have to go. Uzume would want me to. She knew the day was coming and so do I. I might only be seventeen, but I am ready for this, Father. They need me.“

Uzume and Himi shared the same abilliy for visions. But for the rest, I was more similar to her. Both of us, my sister and I, were Venus Adepts. I trained my skills a lot in the past. Moving rocks without ever even touch one of them physically. Making plants grow faster than natural. Healing little blessures. In addition to that, I trained wielding a sword all the time. My father once was in pocession of a sword named „Cloud Brand“, with which he finished off the great dragon of Mikage Mountain. It had made him a hero and won him the heart of my mother, who was ready to sacrifice herself to the Vipera. But my father never wanted that to happen, so he went to Mikage to kill it. He might have finished it off, but he told us that he would have never succeeded if there hadn't been the warriors of Vale. It wasn't a man called Isaac though, but I knew he was also part of their group. In fact, I owed them my life, because without them, my mother had died and wouldn't have given birth to me. I simply had to help them, just like they helped us.

When the next day arrived, they celebrated a festival in honor to me, for telling me goodbye and expressing how proud they were of their prince. I actually was the prince of Yamata, but that didn't save me from leaving my kingdom. I've never made something out of it. It didn't make me special. But being an Adept did.

Himi had not waken again. I started to worry about that, but the concern about my sister wasn't allowed to bother me too much. She would wake. At least that was what I tried to encourage myself with all the time while they were all celebrating and wishing me luck on my journey.

Before I left Yamata, I visited Uzumes grave on my own. Somehow I felt the urge to go there a last time.
The entrance to the grave was right underneath were the palace was built.
When I arrived inside, I saw all the bounties that were laid down in front of her actual grave. On top of it, there was a mystic figure made of stone. Mother had told us, that it used to dance around once and that the Warriors of Vale brought it as a present to Uzume. When she died, it had stopped dancing forever.

„Uzume“, I started. „It's me, Takeru. The day my journey begins has finally arrived. You have seen it coming, right? Himi did not wake so far, but that should not stop me, should it? I'm going to be as brave as my father was when he went off to save my mothers life. I will not let the darkness conquer the world. I haven't figured out yet how I will be able to save someone who belongs to the great warriors of Vale, but destiny knows best, doesn't it? I hope it will lead me the right direction.“

Just right then, I thought the little figure had moved just an inch.
Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head that sounded like a woman, even with nobody to be seen around there.

„My brave young Takeru! I am so proud of you. I wish I could see where your journey will lead you, but I feel that you will accomplish your fate. The elemental blood is floating in your venes and will allow you to complete all the quests that will come into your way. Have no fear, your great ancestors are with you. Do not worry about your sister, she will wake when the time comes, to fullfil her own destiny, just as it is prophecied.“

After that, the voice silenced.
I wasn't sure what had just happened. Had it even been real? There hadn't been no person in there except me, but still that voice had been so clear. Could it be that it had been Uzume herself, her soul speaking right into my head? I couldn't imagine something different. People always said that they could feel her presence down here. Before, I had never recognized that, but somehow everything about this place felt so familiar.
I had been happy to hear that Himi would be fine and the elements would guard me the way. It was a good thing to come here before I would leave.

„Takeru“, a voice behind me said.

This time, it wasn't just in my head. When I turned, my mother was standing right in front of me, tears glittering in her eyes.

„I knew you would be here. You always reminded me of her. When she passed away, I could swear I felt a part of her soul vanishing into you. I cannot explain, but you are so much like her. My brave little child. I am so sad that I have to let you go, but I know you can do it. It is time.“

The words didn't come easily out of her mouth, although she really meant it. An expression mixed out of sadness and pride was on her face. I would miss her. Miss my father. My sister. Yamata. But I had to stay strong. She was trying to be that, too. Because she didn't want to show me how much it bothered her that destiny took me away from her. Maybe she would break down the moment I left, but I had to keep in mind that my father was with her.

Before I could say something to her, she pulled me into an emotional hug and started crying. I felt so sorry for her and it made me sad. We stayed that way just a little more time and nobody said a word. After that, we started walking into the direction where everybody was celebrating and waiting for me to sail my ship.

As prince of Yamata, it was usual for me to have an own ship. I had to admit that I was not the best sailor. I could move my ship through the see but had never faced troubles while doing that. Also there was nobody to come with me. I really didn't know why the tradition wanted me to go on my journey all alone. Maybe it was part of becoming a real man. Plus, Yamata hadn't much warriors and sailors to offer.

„My son, you've grown so fast. I can't believe that you go on this journey so soon. But I know you'll be successfull. Deliver the best greetings to my friends Felix and his compagnions, I owe them so much. We all do.“

I saw a glint of happiness in his features. Mother said that happened a lot, because he saw his younger self when he looked at me. She always claimed that my soul was resembling Uzumes, but my looks were the ones of Father. Sometimes she seemed sad that I had few of herself.
My father also gave me a big hug before I got on the ship.
When I started, I watched them staying on the beach a long time, waving at me until they could only see the ship on the horizon.
Now I was on to myself.
Here my personal journey began.
I wasn't alone. They were all with me right there were my heart was pounding fast out of excitement.

~ To be continued soon

Well, hello there! Glad you've come so far. I really thought that a fourth part of Golden Sun just HAD TO start with a Venus Adept like it always had been. I too thought, that Matthew is too strong to start with and I didn't see it happening that we start with him and his friends facing that great Vortex. I really think they will meet up with us later, as second party members in Kalay or some of the other places they visited in DD. I also think something has happened to Isaac and that is where Takeru came to my mind. In DD he is mentioned as an Venus Adept who sailed off for fulfilling his fate that has to do with Isaac in danger but is found nowhere. I think something happened to him before he could warn Isaac about it and that's right where my story starts.

Hope you go on reading! Smile

Wie gesagt, ich bin offen für Kritik und hoffe ihr hattet Spaß Smile

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